Monday, November 27, 2006

Model-View-Controller Shockwave3D Framework

Today, I released an article on my Model-View-Controller Framework for Shockwave3D Projects which I've been using on various personal projects, and more recently, projects at work. It's been mostly a personal project, but I wanted to make sure there was some documentation for it for my co-workers, so I went ahead and wrote up a description. And now you benefit from that work, too!

In essence, the MVC framework provides a generic way to quickly define the elements of a scene, both the logical model and the visual representation, and to manage user interaction. By writing a text script, you can control what elements get loaded into a scene, what their parameters are, and the order in which they are loaded. It even includes a progress bar for scene loading to give your users feedback on long load sequences.

You can download the framework with a sample scene, and read about how it works. It's set up to work naturally with other concepts discussed in my Shockwave3D Developer's Guide: code thumbnails, multiple cameras, and explode()-based simple scripting.

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