Thursday, November 16, 2006

2006 Carnival of Souls Tour

Are you brave enough to walk into the Blackwood family Mausoleum? Dare you speak to the dead in Madame Sarita's Spirit Parlour? Do you have what it takes to stand before the Magic Mirror?

Death angel atop the Blackwood family mausoleum

I'm a little late getting this out, but Halloween 2006 was a huge success, and I now have some photos up showing some of the highlights. (More should be coming when I get the time to compile them.)

So if you're not chicken, come inside and take a guided tour of Carnival of Souls 2006.


Mark Sloat said...

Got to love those photos. I would have thought that your show would have made TV by now.

Daniel Lopez said...

Great job on the lighting effects. I really like the way you moved the Mausoleum further back in the yard! I don't know how you are going to keep topping yourself every year....


Mark Sloat said...

How about having the Mausoleum shoot fireworks. Now that would be cool.

CC said...

Fireworks, eh? We don't even do real candles. Heh.

Yeah, it's going to keep getting tougher and tougher to top ourselves each year, but the real limiting factor is not our creativity, I think. It's storage space, budget, and the number of volunteers we have to work with.

But we do already have some initial ideas for 2007 floating around. Whatever we do, one thing is for sure: there will be a major shake-up to the status quo of Carnival of Souls next year. We were getting too many comments from kids along the lines of "Yeah, the mausoleum is cool, but it's not scary once you've been in there and see what happens." That means we need to change some things, don't you think?

holly said...

these pictures are fantastic! who knew that scully and bonehead were so photogenic?

as for shaking up the mausoleum, i'm eagarly listening.

CC said...

Hey, you can never go wrong with pirate skulls.

Regarding the mausoleum, we'll keep it under wraps, but the next time you're in town, we'll bounce some ideas off of you, okay?