Friday, June 02, 2006

Why I Was (and Was Not) Disappointed in The DaVinci Code

I just uploaded a column to NewsVine called Why I Was (and Was Not) Disappointed in The DaVinci Code.

What I didn't mention in the article is that I was actually pretty disappointed that Ron Howard didn't spend the twenty seconds to explain how to compute the Fibonacci sequence, which plays a role in the plot of the movie. As a former Math teacher, I know the value of bringing Mathematics literacy into pop culture, so it irks me a bit when a prime opportunity (hyuk) like this is squandered. And it would have been beneficial for the movie makers, too - what better way to do long-term promotion of the movie than to have a few minutes of your movie played in thousands of Math classrooms in America once a year?

Hmm. Maybe there's a vast conspiracy to suppress Mathematics literacy...

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