Sunday, June 04, 2006

Practical CSS

This morning, I did a little seminar at the 2006 ACE conference in Quebec called Practical CSS. At the link, you can view a self-running slideshow with my comments for free, or download iPod or PDF versions of the presentation.

The interesting thing about the presentation is that I wasn't actually in Quebec to give it. I wrote the session, made the Keynote presentation, added audio to it, and gave it all to Barb to read and listen to, who in turn did the actual presentation in Quebec. I joined in via iChat to answer questions and have a presence. I'm sure at least one of the session feedback forms is going to make the joke that the presenter "just phoned it in."

The session itself is a little light on actual CSS. It's more about strategies for deployment of CSS, based on our experiences with the NMSU rebranding effort. ACE is a professional organization of communicators, but the propeller-heads like myself tend to be members of the sister organization, NETC, instead, so I didn't know how technical to make the session. In the end, I cheated, and tried to get something in for everyone by adding in a few actual CSS tips and tricks, and then giving a more general overview and strategy for the administrator-types in the audience who wouldn't actually be doing the markup themselves.

From what Barb said, the session seems to have gone over pretty well, so it sounds like I hit the right level of technical detail. We'll know for sure when the feedback forms come back.

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