Friday, September 09, 2005

Plinko Madness

Well, I spent most of the evening working on the Plinko board for Relay for Life, minus some quality time with my son. He's sick, so he spent most of the evening sleeping, leaving me more time than usual to work on the garage project.

Unfortunately, I still haven't got the damn Plinko board to work. No matter what I do, the stupid poker chips either stop partway down or launch off the board, even after two coats of floor sealer and two coats of buffed minwax. This is what I get thinking I could get away with plywood. If I had bought some hardboard instead, I wouldn't be having this problem.

Anyway, assuming I can get it reasonably working, I've made some foam core signage to go onto the board that (I hope) will make it look like more than a board with dowels stuck into it. Don't have much time, so whatever I do, it's going to be quick and dirty.

And now my wife is sick. This Relay for Life is her baby - she's the team captain - and now it's looking like she's going to spend the evening at home in bed. That means I'm going to have to go to the park and set up our area tomorrow instead of her. I hope we can pull this off without any fiascos!

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