Monday, September 05, 2005

Day four of Carnival of Souls construction

Daniel poses with Angel of DeathToday, we celebrated Labor Day by working on our mausoleum for this year's Halloween celebration. This was the first time we got the thing assembled to get an idea of how big this thing is going to be.

This thing is going to be huge.

At its apex at the top of the Angel of Death figurine, it's going to be over 11 feet tall. I walk up to it, and it towers over me - I can only imagine how big it's going to feel to the trick-or-treater's half my size.

We now have the crypt wall complete, the wall attachments set, and the front panels prepared. We also worked out how to stabilize the mausoleum - I was worried that it was going to be flimsy, but this thing is strong. We both tested our strength against a corner and barely budged it, so it's a solid piece of work, thanks to Daniel's prodigious woodcrafting skills.

Overview shot of the mausoleumWhat's left? Well, we still didn't get to the roof, which will add even more stability, we're still not done dry-fitting the foam (lots of surfaces to cover on this project), and we still need to build the nine crypts that extend beyond the doors in the back of the mausoleum. But once we get those tasks done, the mausoleum will be ready to detail, and then we'll start seeing blacks and grays instead of pinks and browns.

I've added photos from today's construction to my Halloween 2005 flickr album.

Did I mention this thing is going to be HUGE? I can't wait to stand in this thing fully assembled.

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