Sunday, September 04, 2005

Corpsification Party and Talking Skulls

Corpsification PartyYou know, most people would think that mixing gooey human corpses with a dinner party wouldn't make a very good combination, but tonight, we proved that wrong. Our first annual corpsification party was a lot of fun tonight - we ate some great food and got a lot of work done towards making a rack of bluckies look really gross.

A Blucky is a blown-plastic skeleton, about five feet long, that they sell at Big Lots, Oriental Trading Company, and other places. It looks like crap out of the bag, but with a little effort, they can look like a nasty dessicated corpse. For this year's mausoleum, we need nine corpses, one for each crypt, so we decided to have a pot luck dinner party to entice people to come over and corpsify bluckies with us.

We got a lot of work done. Unfortunately, the latex didn't dry fast enough for us to stain the bluckies yet, so they look white still, but our corpsing volunteers really made this operation fly, and people seemed to have fun doing it, so I'd say the party was a success.

I've added photos of the party to my Halloween 2005 flickr album.

Yours truly with an animatronic skullIn other news, I finally got a chance to sit down with my new Cowlacious Designs animatronic skulls. This year, we're going to have two skulls on pikes in our front lawn that tell morbid jokes and dreadful puns, and they're being driven by circuit boards from Cowlacious. All we need to do is feed them audio, and the jaws move and the eyes glow red. Kids are gonna love these guys.

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