Monday, September 12, 2005

Jailhouse Rock

Here are some observations from one of our fellow teammates on how well the Jail worked at our Relay for Life fundraiser:
Kids just loved the jail house we had many repeat visitors.

.25 cents to get in .50 to get out.

One little girl: Hey deputy, if I give you 25 cents will you go find my grandma and ask her for another 25 cents and go buy me a brownie? She didn't want to leave!

We had a mobile jail unit as it would walk away from time to time.

One little girl was jacking up the price of freedom from 50 cents to 1.00 she was getting the money and donated all of it. She left when she was tired.

One friend or sibling would put the other in jail and to get even the one in jail would put the one outside in jail. They would both be in jail without realizing they now didn't have enough money to get out. The bribery was quite comical. Things like, if you let me out now I will bring back a cupcake. If you let me out and keep him I will bring you food.

One sister was beating up her brother through the bars because he wouldn't pay to get her out. He was saving his money to buy something. Needless to say she won and then stuck him in jail with his money.

How long do we have to stay in here, was frequent question? Deputy K's response until you get me 50 cents. Ok, will you let me out so I can go get 50 cents.

They'd ask the deputy can we put you in? She'd respond, no because you won't let me out.

The bar broke and they starting yelling jail break! They really wanted the bar repaired though. They enjoyed pressing their face up against it, and wagering money for freedom.

Kids are quite comical. It was fun watching all of that take place.
I love the visual image of the jailhouse scurrying along with a bunch of kid's feets sticking out the bottom.

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