Thursday, July 21, 2005

My boy went under the knife today

My son went under the knife this morning to get tubes put into his ears. Even though this is the most common surgery on children in the country - our doctor told us he has performed this operation thousands of times - any time you put your kid on anaesthetics, it's scary.

My son was scheduled for his operation at 7:30am, and they asked us to be there at 6:30 to prepare. So, we were. We went through the various things we have to do, and finally got into the pre-op area when the anaesthiologist came in. He prescribed a syringe full of liquid for him, which we administered.

We were talking with him a bit afterwards, and he tells us that he gave our son more drugs than he typically does. Why? Because our doctor likes to sleep in, so the surgery would probably start closer to 8:00.

WTF?? First of all, if the surgery is going to start late, wait to give my kid the drugs, don't double up! And second of all, if the surgery isn't going to start at 7:30, don't make us come in early. Because my son was not able to drink or eat anything for a long time before the surgery, he was pretty miserable in the morning - all this did was extend that when he could have been sleeping.

The drugs hit my son pretty hard, when he came out of it, he was crying inconsolably. My wife nursed him, but it didn't really stop the crying. Immediately after nursing, he vomited it all up. I can't help but wonder if that was perhaps due to the extra drugs.

Is this just crazy-daddy parent myopia? Or does the patient have the right to expect minimal drugging and promptness on the part of the surgeon?

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