Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I must be domesticated

It's official, I'm a domesticated adult male consumer. The reason I know is that I just got the big jones for, of all things, a faucet. That's right, you heard me.

Hansa's Canyon Faucet

Hansa's Hansacanyon has been percolating around the blogosphere recently, and every time I see it, I fall in love all over again. I want this damn thing.

Sure, the industrial design on it is sexy, but the thing that really piques my interest is that someone has, after all these years, made one of those "well, duh!" usability innovations on an item that we have all been using dozens of times a day for, what, almost a century? The faucet has a red and a blue LED in it attached to a temperature sensor. When the water is hot, it glows red. When it is cold, it glows blue. You can tell at a glance the temperature. When you see it, you just wonder why this isn't a mainstream feature. Brilliant innovations like that, even on such humdrum items as a faucet, are simply cool, and I want to have them around me.

Unfortunately, the Hansa Web Site is so perplexing that I see no way to order it. Probably just as well, since the style doesn't go with anything in my house currently. I'll just have to admire her from afar.

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