Friday, April 15, 2005

Is the President Above the Law?

I'm sure it was meant as another "aw, shucks" moment for the president. That's right, Bushie got himself an iPod. Or rather, his daughters had to get it for him, and he had to have his buddy Mark McKimmon and some White House staffers put the music on it. (Apparently, Bush ain't the brightest monkey in the banana patch.)

But the astonishing thing is that the "color piece" press release about the songs that are on the device admits that our president has illegal music on his iPod.

So, where's the army of RIAA lawyers? They're taking to court anyone they can track down through the complicated maze of P2P networks. But here's a guy issuing press releases about his activity - why is the law not being applied? There are millions of people who think Bush can do no evil (hey, God chose him to be president, remember), so there's a good chance that this will make a lot of people think what he did is legal.

IANAL, but it seems to me that if you can point to the president not only breaking the law you're on the hook for, but actually bragging about it in a press release without so much as a "cease and desist", then you have a pretty good case that the law is being unfairly and selectively applied.

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