Monday, April 18, 2005

Adobe to Acquire Macromedia

So Adobe's gonna gobble up Macromedia. It was only a matter of time, I guess.

I personally have mixed feelings about this. I have many years of Lingo programming under my belt, and it is probably the programming language I am most fluent in at this point (with PHP a close second). If the beancounters at Adobe decide to send Director the way of the Dodo, I'll lose a big hunk of my résumé.

On the other hand, Adobe might be visionary enough to realize that Shockwave 3D is uniquely positioned to allow Adobe to monopolize the web-based 3D market. Shockwave3D is dangerously close to doing this now; it just needs a little updating and development before it can really shine. With Adobe's resources and vision, they could polish it up and make something truly amazing. But that's only if they see the opportunity.

If they keep Director, bring it up to par with the other Adobe offerings, and don't axe the Mac version, then we'll see a fantastic programming environment. If they kill the Mac version, or Director altogether, I guess I'll be looking elsewhere for development options, probably Java.

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