Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Update to Printable DM

Printable DM
I've made some updates and changes to the Printable DM Encounter Manager.

This version has more whitespace between the entries to help differentiate the rows as enemies. This version also has a lighter backdrop to the hit point track, to make it easier to use when printed in grayscale, and the word "init" has been removed from the bubble because it was hard to read a number written in there with the word in there also, even though it was faint text.

If you have any other suggestions for improving the Printable DM, let me know.


Bryant Durrell said...

I just found these sheets -- looking forward to using them at my next session. If I have any comments or thoughts I'll come back and let you know. Thanks for the work putting them together!

Bryant Durrell said...

Pretty sweet. I need to condense my tools a bit more -- I used the one without an init tracker, and I think I want to swap over to using the other form. But I liked how these worked.

It would be cool to have these as fillable forms.

David said...

I used this for my KotSF game 2 weeks ago, and I loved it. I've already printed out more for this weekends game! Thank you for developing this simple and easy to use form!