Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mirror, Mirror

For those of you still subscribed to my blog, I thank you for your loyalty. Sorry I was away from posting for so long, but when my second son was born, well, I had to focus on that for a while. No offense to you, dear reader, but he's hella cuter.

magic mirror halloween puppet with necrotic venting
Anyway, to make it up to you, I'm announcing Mirror Mirror, our new digital puppet for the 2008 haunting season. It's a massive overhaul of the original Magic Mirror effect we did way back when we started Carnival of Souls.

It includes all the features you've come to expect from ImaginEERIEing's digital puppets: customizable lighting and other appearance options, multiple modes of control, and an easy-to-use onscreen console for configuring your puppet. Plus some spiffy new tricks, such as cool background effects like fire, spectral emissions, and necrotic venting. (Necrotic venting is shown at right.)

If you try it out and find any problems, please let me know. I want to get any bugs knocked back well in advance of the 2008 haunting season if possible.

Happy haunting!

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Anonymous said...

Jared here, just thought I would thank you for designing the magic mirror and posting it on the web for all to use. I just got done using it last night for Halloween and I had so much fun building it. It was a huge hit!! Every kid kept coming up and say "That is so awesome!" And I had groups of parents standing in my yard saying, "How are they doing that?" and then calling their relatives to come and see it. Everybody had their cameras out, it was so fun. I even got one little girl dressed as Hannah Montana to sing an entire Hannah Montana song for a piece of candy, it was so funny. Everybody loved it. I would say I had 200-250 trick or treaters and I am sure next year I might double that. I really appreciate this type of Halloween display that is lots of fun but stays away from the blood and gore that everybody puts out there. Thanks again.