Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Introduction to Low-Polygon Game Asset Texturing

I've added a fifteen-page tutorial to my Shockwave3D Developer's Guide page called Introduction to Low-Polygon Game Asset Texturing.

Thumbnail of first page of 'Introduction to Low-Polygon Game Asset Texturing
It takes the new or novice Lightwave user through the process of texturing 3D geometry, with a particular emphasis on UV mapping objects for 3D games built with Shockwave3D. You do not need to have Director to follow along with the tutorial, but you do need Lightwave.

This document was uploaded in preparation for my presentation on the development of Science Pirates at the ACE/NETC "Double Creature Feature" Conference we're hosting in Albuquerque this coming weekend. If you'd like to learn more about developing Shockwave3D games - or any other aspect of communications from web to print to video (see the massive list of sessions) - it's not too late to register and attend!

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