Saturday, April 28, 2007

Nostalgia Games: Haunted Mansion

By far, the coolest board game I ever owned as a kid (yes, even cooler than Mousetrap), was the Haunted Mansion board game. Okay, yes, I'm a sucker for all things Haunted Mansion. But I think this one was cool even without that added bonus.

Haunted Mansion Board Game

What was cool about this game was that the board had a series of gears underneath it which rotated circular parts of the game board, changing the paths you can take to the exit. In addition, attached to the circular parts were ghostly standees that hung out over the edge of the circle, which, when turned, could swing around and knock your pawn off of its place. This was particularly well-suited to the ballroom-dancing ghosts from the ride, for instance. For a kid's game, it had some pretty fun mechanics, and worked quite well with the theme. Add to that the spooky stand showing scenes from the interior of the mansion, and you have a creepy little experience. I wish I still had this one - it would probably fetch a pretty penny on eBay, but I don't think I would sell it.


MaxStone01 said...

I still have my Haunted Mansion game! I even get it out to play with friends once in a while! You're never too old for the Haunted Mansion game!

CC said...

Spicy! You should take some photos and post them to the BoardGameGeek entry for it.

Katie said...

omg! my boyfriend would LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!! do you know where I can find one of these games? If you have any answers for me please email me at

thank you

MoJangles said..., i remember owning this game when i was a kid. Not only was the gameplay cool, but so was the artwork on the backdrop (the interior of the mansion, which u have here, and the external mansion painting on the other side..)

..thanks for the memories!..