Saturday, April 28, 2007

The new Cthulhu Movie

Maybe this is the one, I thought to myself when I heard that a movie named Cthulhu was filmed and working its way through post production. There have been many adaptations of Lovecraft's work to film, but there has yet to be one which is faithful to the narrative (with the possible exception of this fan-created movie).

So I went to the IMDB page for it, and without even seeing the movie, I think I can safely say that it's probably not going to fare much better than its peers. Here's why:
  • Unknown, first-time writers
  • Unknown, first-time director
  • Tagline: "Welcome the end of the world." (Huh?)
  • The plot summary includes the words "...with whom he has a long-awaited tryst." Since when do Lovecraft stories have romance aspects to them?
  • Plot keywords are: Cthulhu, Horror, H.P. Lovecraft, Gay, and Queer. Since when do Lovecraft stories have gay romance aspects to them? (I'm hoping this was a miscategorization.)
  • Two words: Tori Spelling.
Yup, it's gonna be a stinker. Why won't someone do it right? The closest I've seen is Dagon, but even that could have been much better. It's probably just as well, really, since Lovecraft's horrors are probably better left undefined.

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John said...

Have you forgotten The Resurrected?