Friday, March 09, 2007

Microsoft makes money off of their own screwups

Microsoft is making the lives of IT professionals hell this week, because the Daylight Savings Time change is forcing Microsoft suckerscustomers to do a lot of manual updates for multiple programs. Imagine having hundreds of machines in your fleet to manually update. This is why Microsoft support costs the industry so much.

And here's another reason. From the article:
For those customers still running products like Windows 2000, Exchange 2000 or the earlier Exchange 5.5, are no longer in Microsoft mainstream support and are thus not covered under standard support agreements, the situation is even more dire, as it will cost them $4,000 for all the DST updates.
That's right. Microsoft charges you four thousand dollars for their screw-up.

I am continually boggled why people continue to use Microsoft products. How many times do you have to be burned before you learn not to stick your head in the fireplace? Apple fixed this with a simple patch that came in automatically via software update. And it didn't cost me a dime.

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