Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Introducing Arkham Nights: Street Locations

The second casebook for Arkham Investigations, my custom expansion rules for Arkham Horror, has been released.

It's called Arkham Nights: Street Locations, and basically just provides encounters for the street locations, for those of you tired of sitting around in the streets while your buddies go having fun adventures in Arkham locations and other worlds.

It introduces some new cards, notably reputation cards, which are cards which track the town's knowledge of your investigator, and several new ally cards based on Lovecraft's (or Sandy Petersen's) writings. Here are some samples:

Informant CardFather Merluzzo Ally Card

Check it out, and let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I tried yesterday the German version of "Arkham Investigations". Great stuff, it is very funny to play, fantastic ideas and a great story! It's impressive how much atmosphere your "mod" does add to the game. Btw, the translation is very good as well.
I hope you are planning new cases :-)

CC said...

Glad to hear you liked Arkham Investigations, and in particular the German version of the game. I think it's cool to have multiple languages of the expansion! However, I can't take credit for the translation - that was the excellent work of a volunteer who enjoyed the English version and wanted to bring it to a wider audience.

I am indeed planning new cases, as are a few other people. Just so you know, there are currently two cases available, although only one is available in German currently.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I mentioned it. Though my English is not the best, I will test it soonly. The idea of a casebook is fascinating: using the Arkham Horror material as the basement of a roleplaying/gamebook-like adventure. Great work!