Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Ah, finally someone has done it right. Ponyfish is an RSS Feed Builder for sites that don't have RSS feeds. And it's dead simple to create your new feed, and it's free - you don't even have to register.

Here's an example feed I created in about 20 seconds just to check the service out: Laff in the Dark Index of Articles. This is a site that I often check (manually) to see if there are new articles, but because articles come out of the site at a trickle, it's often a let-down. Now, I can be notified when an article appears.

(I think. If you don't have an account, then the RSS feed expires if the feed is not read in 7 days. Does that mean that it expires if no one pings the feed in 7 days - not a problem - or if there's nothing new to be read in seven days - which is a problem. I suspect it's the former, but I guess we'll see...)

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