Sunday, May 21, 2006

Magic Mirror Mk 2

Due to some recent interest in my Magic Mirror Halloween prop, I've started working on something I've been wanting to do for a while now: making more versions of the Magic Mirror to accommodate all the fans who requested different "heads." I don't think I could ever make enough heads to satisfy everyone - I've gotten requests for everything from skulls with afro's to firefighters - but I think I can hit a couple of the most-often-requested ideas that would (hopefully) make it into several home haunts for the 2006 haunting season.

To wit, here's the start I got on the first one: a skull:
Geometry start for skull
(Note that this is just geometry - I haven't started texturing the skull yet.)

A skull is by far the most-requested new head, so I figured I'd start with it. The nice thing about skulls is that animating them is very easy, since there are no moving parts except the jaw, which is rigid. Even if I decide to make the bone material animateable for expressing emotion, it will still be pretty simple animation. And I can dress up the skull easily with accessories like burning eye sockets, vampire teeth, a gothic crown, demon horns, etc. without changing the base model.

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