Thursday, May 25, 2006

Facial expressions on Yorick

Well, I only got three suggestions for the skull name, and two of them are already taken by two characters on the Carnival of Souls midway, so I decided to go with Yorick. It's got a good Shakespearean reference, and people will probably know what it is when they hear it. (Or, at least, moreso than some other name.)

Tonight, I got expressions working on the skull model. Check out Yorick's "angry face":
Yorick's Angry Face
You can see in the shot that Yorick's "eyebrows" have turned into a "V" shape, suggesting anger.

This shot also shows some really over-the-top lighting for the angry face. I'm thinking of having the lighting change when he gets mad; the red tinting and the glowing green in the skull would not normally be there, so that when he burns into angry mode, he looks really pissed.

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