Sunday, October 21, 2007

Spirit Parlour game coming along nicely

Spirit Parlour game controllers
Tonight, I did my first complete test of the controllers for this year's Madame Sarita's Spirit Parlour, and it works. It works! Yes!

All three control types for the game are now prototyped and working smoothly:
  • The Palantir of Abyssinia, a crystal ball filled with water from the river Styx, sits on the right, where the "Mystic" player waves his or her hands over it to generate mana.
  • Four Casting Cards that once belonged to Marie Laveau sit on the left, so rife with power that they glow of their own accord. The "Mage" player need only pass a hand over them to access their magical energies.
  • The Skull of Rasputin grins horribly in the center, where the "Medium" player will lay hands upon it to draw the team into the dark nightmare of the spirit world.

Now, all I have to do is make the game which uses the controllers. Erm...


Charlie said...

Nothing like having tons of time, eh?! :)

CC said...

Heh. Don't I wish! With only ten days left, I'm starting to sweat...