Sunday, October 21, 2007

More Progress on Madame Sarita's Spirit Parlour

Today, the crew came over and we did a lot of work on the Spirit Parlour. We got more walls made and hung up in the garage, we got a good start on the window frame, we got the crown moulding put over the window box, and we got the "casting cards" finalized for the game. Moreover, we managed to get in a test of the interface, and it revealed some problems which I have fixed tonight. The game now has very fine configuration controls that allow much more crisp responses to the players' actions, far better than before. This thing is really coming together well. I can't wait to get it in front of some kids.

Spirit Parlour Game Controllers

The "casting cards" are:
The card shows a knight vanquishing a terrible foe. When the Mage player places his or her hand over it, it casts a spell that smites your foes with fire and steel.
The card depicts an undead specter cowering in fear from the light beaming forth from a man's hands. When selected, it casts a spell that banishes the spirits of the undead.
Sinister Knight and Dexter Knight
These paired cards show skeletal knights facing left and right. They are used to communicate your wishes to the spirits of the dead.

The cards themselves were drawn by local artist Bob Diven, and look spectacular close-up. They are in the style of old Tarot cards from the dark ages, but are completely original, since we didn't want to actually use the Tarot, in case someone objects. You can get an impression of them in the photo above. They sit in small boxes, back-lit by small utility lights. Also in the photo above, you can see the new configuration screen, showing the current configuration of the system. It now has readouts of the current settings, ways to adjust thresholds and sensitivities, and feedback icons so that all game systems can be tested within the configuration screen. (You can see the circular targeter, the palantir HUD, and icons for the four cards.)

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