Friday, May 25, 2007

Nostalgia Games: Dungeon

I played Dungeon with someone else only a handful of times. The time commitment to play, plus the large space needed and the (relatively) complicated rules left it out of interest for most of my friends. But that was okay, because unlike Creature Castle, Dungeon lent itself to solo play, so long as you didn't care much for objectives; instead, I just tried to get as many treasures on the map as I could. As a simplified version of Dungeons and Dragons (it was even published by TSR), it basically involved controlling an explorer who would gradually grow in power and be able to descend into deeper levels of the dungeon and face ever-stronger monsters.

There were several versions of the game. I'm not sure what the differences were between the different printings, but the one I had was the one which looked like this:

Dungeon Board Game

I remember keeping a little notebook tracking my accomplishments in this game, in trying to assess the likelihood of winning and seeing which character was the most efficient. I quickly got bored with that, though, and instead came up with new treasures and new monsters that you could fight, and new spells the wizard could cast. This was probably the most extensive game board modding I did as a kid.

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Michael Moretti said...

I love that game, played it to Pink Floyd "The Wall" as a kid, great memories!