Monday, May 07, 2007

IE 8 to require web designers to "opt in" to standards compliance

Microsoft is saying that IE 8 will have better standards compliance, but will require web developers to "opt in" to standards compliant page rendering.

First of all, why the #%@!? is Microsoft still planning on making a browser that intentionally renders HTML wrong?

Second, why the #%@!? is Microsoft going to make it not default to rendering pages correctly?

And finally, why the #%@!? is Microsoft going to make web developers add even more cruft to their web pages to support their design flaws?


Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to hear that we will be able to flip a switch that says, "Oh, and tell Internet Explorer to not suck (as bad)." That is much better than having to deal with guillotines and peekaboos for hours and hours.

But really, when are they going to grow up and not assume that all web developers have the time, patience, and willingness to treat their browser as a special case? Suck it up, Microsoft! Admit your software was crap, and fix it. Don't let it continue to sit there broken, and don't force us to learn even more ways in which we have to treat IE as a special case when making a web page.

If some web developers opted to write broken pages to look nice in IE but which totally break when rendered in standards compliant browsers, then it's their own damn fault for betting on the wrong horse. Let them take on the burden of opting in to the broken renderer of IE 8.

Fix the software, Microsoft. Make it work correctly by default. Don't give us an endless stream of Backward Com-crap-ibility.

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