Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Yorick update

I've posted a development build update to Yorick which attempts to address reports of the performance playback being sluggish.

If you're experiencing this issue, and you would like to try out the development build and let me know whether it works for you, you can download the development builds here: Mac Version / Windows Version.

(For you Lingo heads, the issue appears to be that the elapsedTime of a sound asset is apparently not reliable, and will return the same number several times in a row, even if the play head has obviously moved ahead. A better approach is to keep track of time using the milliseconds separately.)


Anonymous said...

I have transfered the yorick program to my laptop. Im unable to use tho optoins because I have no numberpad enter key. This is not good for those of us who use a laptop instead of a P.C.

CC said...

That's odd. You should be able to use the space bar to select options in the console. Are you saying that on your PC you had to use the numberpad enter key on the desktop, and that the space bar doesn't work on the laptop?