Sunday, October 07, 2012

Working on new puppets for 2012

Greetings, home haunters.  Here's an update from your friends at ImaginEERIEing.

For the 2012 haunting season, we're (sadly) not introducing any new puppets. But we are rewriting our digital puppets from the ground up, and will be releasing them as a free update to all users.

Here's what's going on.  Our current digital puppets were created in a 3D framework called Adobe Director.  Unfortunately, Adobe's support of the Director product has been nothing short of abysmal; the last update was released in the year of our lord 2008.  Up until now, it hasn't posed a problem, but with both recent versions of Mac OS X and Windows, our puppets are starting to fail, and since it appears Adobe is not going to update Director, we have no way of fixing these problems for our customers.  (Thanks, Adobe.)

So, we're porting our puppets over to the robustly-supported Unity platform.  We're having to do everything from the ground up, but our puppets are going to work better, and we'll be better able to support them on this new platform.

If you've purchased one of our puppets in the past (except Frosty), and would like to help us beta test the new puppets, drop us a line!

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Unknown said...

Hi, I'm a long time user of Mirror 2.0 and have used it for 6+ years! I'd love to see an update so that I don't have to drag out my old XP laptop to use it. I'd love to Beta test for ya!