Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Gordo Available For Purchase

Well, the Gordo demo has been out for quite a while, and I haven't received any problem reports, so I've released Gordo for sale.
The Many Moods of Gordo
Gordo is our new digital puppet for 2007, a new addition to our existing line-up of Yorick and Mirror digital puppets. It's a haunted pumpkin that has a friendly, tot-friendly side and a corrupted, angst-ridden-teen-friendly side. You can spook or delight your visitors, or do both - Gordo can switch between modes instantly to accommodate all your visitors.

There is a free demo you can download to try it out. The full version is $15.

If you like Gordo, or Yorick, or any of our offerings, I'd appreciate it if you spread the word a bit to your fellow home haunter friends. We're not getting rich off this; it's just helping to offset the costs of our own home haunt each year.

And, as always, if you use Gordo in your home haunt, please send us a link where we can check out videos or photos of it in action - we're always amazed at the creative uses people put our products to.

Happy Haunting in 2007!

1 comment:

Charlie Essers said...

Hi Neph'!
Gordo isn't running on my ole PPC G4 800, what's the minimum system requirement? Intel mac only?
Charlie Essers