Tuesday, July 04, 2006

DAFE Update and Article on Astroworld's The Alpine Sleighs

DAFE (the Darkride and Funhouse Enthusiasts organization) has updated their web site with a new look, and to coincide with it, they've added a great, detailed article on the Alpine Sleighs attraction from the now-defunct Astroworld. It's a superb read if you're interested in dark rides, coasters, or other environment-based entertainment experiences. Of particular interest are the stories of things that failed and pranks that were played.

I very vaguely remember going to Astroworld as a kid, and even more vaguely remember the mountain that this unique ride was housed in. The only concrete memory I have of Astroworld, really, is the bumper sticker our little white Datsun B210 sported until its demise during my college years. But some of the photos in the article really sparked some memories for me, so this was an especially good read for me. This is why I life DAFE; they are supporting and extending this unique art form that I so enjoyed as a kid, hopefully for future generations. I guess we'll see if it ever comes back into vogue.


Mark said...

For a virtual visit to Astroworld, check out ASTROWORLD.cc. It will spark the brain. There are videos from 1980 in there that you may find particularly enlightening.

CC said...

Oh, I will definitely check that out. Thanks for the link!